Landfill Disposal Rates

The fees for disposal of waste, often called “tipping fees”, are charged based upon the weight of the waste. We will weigh your vehicle before and after you unload the waste, and your charge will be calculated from the difference. We round the weight to the nearest 20 pounds (1/100th of a ton). Our current rates at the Pennsauken Sanitary Landfill are:

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Disposal Rates at the Landfill include various taxes and escrows.  Tax & Escrow Details


Unless you have made specific prior arrangements to be billed, all Disposal Fees must be paid in cash at time of waste delivery.  We do not accept checks or credit/debit cards.

Vehicle Registration

There are no special requirements if you are transporting waste from your home in a non-commercial vehicle (under 9,000 pounds registered weight).  Otherwise you will need to register your vehicle with the NJDEP.  Click Here for Info on Registration