Emergency Non-Commercial Procedure (ENDING 6/19/2020)

Payment by check or money order only

Flat Rate: $70 Per Load


During this pandemic, we stopped taking in any cash customers and have been accepting waste only from our commercial credit or prepaid accounts.  This has effectively minimized the contact between our weighmaster and customers. It has also minimized the amount of paper handled by all (including especially cash which can transmit the virus).


We have handled many calls from residents of Camden County looking for a proper disposal site for the debris created by home improvement or clean out projects.  We normally allow these customers to come into our facility and use our convenience center dumpsters.  


We have been discussing methods of providing relief to residents, while maintaining social distancing, minimizing the exchange of paper and cash.  Accordingly, effective April 20, 2020 and until further notice the following shall be in effect:


  1. Non-commercial residents of Camden County, from 7AM to 3PM on weekdays, will be allowed to dispose of construction and demolition debris, vegetative debris and household waste for a flat rate of Sixty Dollars ($60.00) per load. This rate will increase to $70.00 on Monday, May 11. Note:  No electronics or hazardous waste/no exceptions.
  2. Gloves and Face Coverings must be worn by all customers while on our property.
  3. When a residential customer comes in our gate they will be greeted prior to going on the scale by someone standing outside who will accept either check or money order only NO CASH payable to the PCFACC in the amount of the flat rate.
  4. Our representative will then fill out a form to identify the vehicle, municipality of origin and waste type.  That form will be taped to the driver’s side window of the vehicle.
  5. The Customer will proceed to the scale where the weighmaster who will key in the information on the form.
  6. After being weighed in, the customer will proceed to unload at the convenience center.  If other customers are using the convenience center, be sure to practice safe social distancing.
  7. After unloading the customer will go to the outbound scale.  Do not remove the form from your window until you have been weighed out.